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  • Haiti relief Efforts - News from PUerto Rico

Dear Friends, networks and allies,

The earthquake in Haiti is mobilizing people from all over the world to help.  Thanks to our communication technologies and people's thoughts, prayers and actions, we are able to express our care for others less fortunate than us during these difficult times.

Through news of Maria Reinat, of Ilé, Inc./organizers for Consciousness-in-Action, please send relief efforts to Colectiva Mujer y Salud, a feminist, LGBTQ health collective that is working out of the Dominican Republic; and Comité Pro-Niñez Dominico-Haitiana which advocates for the human rights of Haitian descendants who are residing in Dominican Republic.

Colectiva Mujer y Salud

Banco de Reservas

Cta Corriente No. 010-251497-6

Swift code o ABA No. BRRDDOSD

 C/ Isabel La Catolica No. 201

Zona Colonial

Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

(The women's Health Collective is presiding the Health Commission for NGO's in Santo Domingo)

    * To learn more about Colectiva Mujer y Salud's work


    * To send money donations through International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) website, that is sending donations to Colectiva Mujer y Salud


    * To read about IGLHRC's work and the issues of LGBT people in Haiti before and after the quake



Comité Pro-Niñez Dominico-Haitiana

Account # (in Puerto Rico): Doral Bank: 30-0002325-3). 

(Through "border solidarity of Jesuits services".  Please email ellenraec[at]yahoo.com to get their wxift code #.)

    * To read Comité Pro-Niñez Dominico-Haitiana Press Release about Haiti Quake


    * To read about Comité Pro-Niñez Dominico-Haitiana's work


As people with a conscience and memory of history, we also seek for long term justice in rebuilding Haiti after this natural disaster.

As natural and man made disasters continue to occur, its important to be aware of the politics for how relief efforts are implemented. During the typhoons that hit the Philippines months ago, grassroots networks communicated that national government led relief efforts were slow and ineffective for addressing the needs of those most impacted.  Also, during hurricane Katrina in the U.S. South, we cannot forget the disaster of FEMA logistics in dealing with the aftermath.  In the instance of Katrina, militarization has been deployed as aid efforts, but it also caused the movement of poor populations out of areas in order to take their land for another's development agenda.  In the instance of the Philippines, women's human rights networks argue that increased militarization should not be the government and public focus for dealing with natural disasters.  We need to continue having a critical mind as to how relief efforts are being done, and who is doing it.  This is so that we can continue to make sure that our actions of care and conscience are effective in helping the long term sustainability, peace and justice for those who are most impacted.

This is a call for

    •    Continued strategy building and action in sending relief to people in Haiti, through efforts that people trust.

    •    Dialogue to begin between among us, as to how our networks can use our critical thinking and movement building skills to develop plans for addressing these climate and land changes that will continue to occur.

    •    Strategic alliances to be built across anti-war/demilitarization movements, environmental/climate justice, social justice and sustainability movements to plan and create ways for mobilizing our communities toward genuine security.

Ellen-Rae Cachola of

Women for Genuine Security, U.S. based organization in partnership with the International Women's Network Against Militarism (IWNAM)

Maria Reinat of

Ilé, Inc./organizers for Consciousness-in-Action, Puerto Rico organization in partnershp with the IWNAM

We envision a world of genuine security based on justice and respect for others across race, class, gender and national boundaries. We strategize for economic planning that meets people's needs, especially women and children. We work toward the creation of a society free of militarism, violence, and all forms of sexual exploitation, and for the safety, well-being, and long-term sustainability of our communities.


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