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A WGS Quarterly Publication

june 2008 newsletter

Dear (Re)Collection: A WGS Newsletter Readers:

June 2008 is a significant time of the year for U.S. citizens and the global community. As the hot war in Iraq continues with oil prices rising and the U.S. dollar, to put it simply, deflating, how are women mobilizing and redefining their experiences from the ground? (Re)Collection, founded by Ellen-Rae Cachola, Annie Fukushima, Maikiko James, and Aileen Suzara, was imagined and enacted as a space of possibility, of change, of peace, through quarterly publications on militarism from women’s perspectives. This newsletter is an important collecting point for the narratives that the women of the peace movement paint through their lives, as delineated in a previously featured Insight Interview with Gwyn Kirk and the current Insight Interview with Deborah Lee. In collecting these narratives we realize that it isn’t just about the individual voices, but that of the collective and how the individual lives of women interface with that of the dominant society and the global community through transnational feminisms. This newsletter is a space for articulating what is going on in the world today in regards to U.S. global militarism that is normalized in the everyday, but redefined in everyday acts of resistance where it is the community of women that “speaks”. This newsletter features two aspects that bring the global to the local U.S.: continued feature of the Country Reports on sister countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle-East, and a Country Highlight that illuminates specifically the local community concerns in another country surrounding U.S. militarisms. In our first newsletter we featured Hawai`i and militarism, “10,459 Miles From the Hot War: How Hawai`i Is Impacted During Militarized ‘Peace’” by Fukushima. This June 2008 publication, we are honored and privileged to say that (Re)Collection will feature as a Country Highlight, Guam, “Ladrones de la Isla/Thieves of the Island “ by Sabina Perez. And, we are happy to announce a new component to our newsletter: International Diaries, “My First Tour – Civilian Reflections on Visiting Militarized Lands” by Maikiko James, that which explores James’ travels to Guam, Hawai`i, and the Philippines. Our editorial staff has also grown since our first publication, and we have now added on board Taeva Shefler. We hope you enjoy traversing the text of these pages to learn more about women whose lives are impacted by militarism globally and whose words and lives embody women making changes, women working towards peace. Thank you for your support as readers and critical thinkers.

Ellen-Rae Cachola, Annie Fukushima, Maikiko James, Aileen Suzara, and Taeva Shefler
Editorial Staff


June 2008 Newsletter
International Diary June by Maikiko James
Country Highlight: Guam special contribution from Sabina Perez
Insight Interview: Deborah Lee with Annie Fukushima
Country Reports: June 2008 by Taeva Shefler and Ellen-Rae Cachola
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