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An act of war: The overthrow of Hawai'ian nation.
Lander, J. (Producer) & Lander, J. (Director). (1993). United States: Na Maka O Ka Aina.

Breaking the History of Silence: The Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery.
2001. Video produced by Video Juku & VAWW-NET Japan.

Camp Arirang
(Grace Y. K. Lee & Diana S. Lee). 1995. Video. Women Make Movies, (www.wmm.com). 
A documentary about women who work in bars and nightclubs around US bases in South Korea.

In the Name of the Emperor
1998. Video. Producer/director Nancy Tong; cinematographer/director Christine Choy; writers Nancy Tong & Nanette Burstein.  Filmmakers Library.

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
2006. (Robert Greenwald). DVD. Brave New Films,

Regret to Inform
Directed by Barbara Sonneborn. 1999. (www.newyorkerfilms.com).
This harrowing documentary tells the story of the director’s journey to Vietnam 20 years after her husband’s death in the Vietnam/American War. Includes insightful and poignant interviews with other US war widows and Vietnamese women whose husbands were also killed in the war. For organizing around this film, see www.regrettoinform.org

Senso Daughters: Daughters of War
1990. Video produced and directed by Noriko Sekiguchi. West Glen Communications [distributor]

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women
2000. Video written, directed, produced by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson. San Francisco: NAATA Distribution.
A powerful evocation of the ordeal of young Korean comfort women in World War II portrayed through dramatization, documentation, and memoir. See the book of the same name.

Sin City Diary
(Rachel Rivera) Subic Bay, Philippines. 1992. video. (www.wmm.com).
Made shortly before the US military were asked to leave the Philippines, this movie features bar women who worked in Olongapo, near Subic Naval Base, and their prospects for new lives and alternative livelihoods when the base closes. Good background to current activist work in Olongapo.

The Vienna Tribunal
1999. Video by Gerry Rodgers. (www.wmm.com).
Features feminist organizing around the UN World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna 1993) to get violence against women defined as a human rights issue.

This Bloody Blundering Busines
(Peter Davis) 1978. 16mm film. (http://cinemaguild.com)
Examines the history of US intervention in the Philippines following the Spanish American War. A silent movie format is combined with understated narration and excerpts from `newsreels' of the period.

Toxic Sunset: On the Trail of Hazardous Waste from Subic and Clark
(B. Pimentel and L. Lasola) 1991. video. (NAATA).
Focuses on the detrimental health effects of environmental contamination caused by U.S. military bases and operations in the Philippines.

The Environmental Impact of War Video
1999 (America’s Defense Monitor, www.cdi.org/adm).
Powerful footage of environmental destruction caused by wars in Vietnam, Kosovo and Kuwait, including the effects of Agent Orange, burning oil wells, and depleted uranium.

The Women Outside
(J.T.Takagi and Hye Jung Park) 1995. Video. Third World Newsreel.
A documentary featuring women working in bars and clubs near US bases in South Korea, the situation of Amerasian children, and activist efforts on these issues.

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