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A WGS Quarterly Publication

march 2008 newsletter

Mission Statement: (RE)Collection is a newsletter that illuminates the work of those committed to a culture of peace. (RE)Collection developed from the collaboration of U.S. based activists who are part of the WGS connection. WGS envisions a world of genuine security based on justice, respect for others across national boundaries, and economic planning that meets people's needs, especially women and children. WGS work toward the creation of a society free of militarism, violence, and all forms of sexual exploitation, and for the safety, well-being, and long-term sustainability of our communities.

Country Reports March 2008
Country Highlight March 2008 -- Hawai`i
Insight Interview: Gwyn Kirk
Calendar of Events March 2008
Printable Version: images/MAR2008_RECOLLECTION_PRINT.pdf






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