Obama’s Visit to Malaysia and the Philippines: Clean up, not Build -up!

This week President Obama visited Malaysia and the Philippines to promote his military and economic agenda in Asia.  In both nations he was met with protests against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and an increased U.S. military presence through the military Pivot to Asia. Read more

President Obama: Time to End the Korean War & US militarism in Korea

This week, April 25-26, President Obama will travel to South Korea, a key U.S. ally, as part of his current “swing” through four Asian nations.  His agenda is to reaffirm and strengthen the military and economic relationship between the United States and South Korea, a thick alliance linked by the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1953, as many as 50 U.S. bases on Korean soil, and the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2007 and broadened in 2011. Read more

President Obama’s visit to Japan: Respect the will of Okinawan people

On the eve of Obama’s visit to Japan on April 23-25, the Japanese media are reporting that President Obama and Prime Minister Abe plan to issue a joint statement reaffirming the alliance between the two nations.  The United States views Japan, which hosts the largest U.S. forces (about 50,000) in Asia, as a key ally in the “Pivot” to Asia (or “rebalance” in U.S. government parlance), and the Abe administration desperately seeks U.S. support in its conflict with China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands while it has taken significant steps to change Japan’s peace constitution so that its “self-defense forces” can engage in combat alongside the U.S. military. “Read more”

Okinawa Times April 19, 2014


Photo: Okinawa Times, April 19, 2014 <http://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/photo_detail/?id=67194&pid=103444>