Military Sexual Violence: From Frontline to Fenceline

By Annie Isabel Fukushima and Gwyn Kirk

As more U.S. military women break the silence about sexual violence committed by their comrades in arms, it is clear that sporadic “scandals”—at the Tailhook Naval Aviators’ Convention (1991), Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance Center (1996), the U.S. Air Force Academy (2003)—are not isolated incidents, but spring from the mycelium of U.S. military culture and ideology. Read more…

Reject Renewed US Militarism in the Philippines

To: President of the Philippines
Region: Philippines
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Allowing the US military presence in the Philippines has proved to be very detrimental to the country’s interests.

It has heavily militarized the Philippines!

Last year, a minimum of 70 US warships docked in Subic. And every year, around 100 US aircrafts use the runway in Clark. And these figures preclude those warships and aircrafts that go directly to Mindanao and Sulu where the US has three Task Forces of elite Special Forces.

This year, from January to March 18, warships docked in Manila, Subic and Cebu. These include submarines, destroyers and frigates. These warships carried 5,000 military men. And for the Balikatan 2013, the US is now employing the MV-22B Ospreys, F/A 18 fighter jets, 19 other aircrafts and 270 Marine Corps tactical vehicles and amphibious assault vehicles. Read more…


by Jesús Dávila

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, October 12th, 2012 (NCM) – The Strategy Research Project of the U.S. Army War College has, since the year 2011, a plan to reestablish the naval, air and land bases in Puerto Rico with the manifest usefulness of bolstering the U.S. hegemony in the Caribbean and specifically influence political changes in Cuba.
This will be a huge regional victory for the U.S.” affirmed Lieutenant Colonel Lalo Medina, whose proposal is based on choosing annexation (statehood) for Puerto Rico as a state of the Union and to take advantage of the circumstances created by the process for the resurgence of this island nation in the northeastern Caribbean as a military bastion.  Read more…