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Vietnamerica: The war comes home
Bass, Thomas A. 1996.
Describes the experiences of mixed-race children fathered by US troops during the Vietnam War, their efforts to come to the United States, and the challenges and opportunities they faced here.

Moral Responsibility to Filipino Amerasians: Potential immigration and child support
Kolby, Elizabeth. 1995.
alternatives, Asian Law Journal, 61, May.
Examines the context for military prostitution in the Philippines and the situation of mixed-race Amerasian children fathered by US soldiers. The author offers policy suggestions to redress the wrongs suffered by these children.

Legacies of War: The United States’ obligation toward Amerasians
Stanford Journal of International Law
, Summer.
Levi, Robin. 1993.
Reviews US legal and moral responsibilities to Amerasian children from Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines and evaluates US laws to provide for them.

Children of GI Town: The Invisible Legacy of Militarized Prostitution
Okazawa-Rey, Margo. 1997.
Asian Journal of Women’s Studies, Spring: 71-100.
One of the few English-language articles based on interviews with Amerasian children and Korean mothers who dated US soldiers.  It argues that these children’s difficulties and the discrimination they faced must be understood not in terms of individual pathologies but in the context of official US indifference, Korean ethnocentrism, and negative attitudes to Korean women who worked in bars and clubs near US bases.

Fox Girl
Okja Keller, Nora. 2002.
Set in the aftermath of the Korean War, this novel features an Amerasian girl living “at the edge of society”.


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