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Organizing and Peace


East Asia-U.S.-Puerto Rico Women's Network against Militarism

In People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Asia Journal, 2003.

Article on the history, mission, purpose, beliefs, perspectives, participants, organizational structure, activities, and affiliated organizations of the East Asia-U.S.-Puerto Rico Women's Network against Militarism. See article at http://blog.peoplepower21.org/English/7533.

Women's Networks Against U.S. Militarism in East-Asia

Margo Okazawa-Rey.

Short article on the history and development of the East-Asia-U.S. Women's Network Against Militarism. Download pdf

Resistance, Resilience and Respect for Human Rights: Women Working Across Borders for Peace and Genuine Security.

Ellen-Rae Cachola, Gwyn Kirk, Lisalinda Natividad, Maria Reinat Pumarejo. 2009.

Article on the history and vision of the International Women's Network Against Militarism. Download pdf.

Fashioning Resistance to Militarism

Christine Ahn and Gwyn Kirk. March 9, 2009

Article on usage of fashion, deconstruction of military policies, to create a popular education model to teach how militarisms creep into our everyday lives.  See http://www.fpif.org/fpiftxt/5929 and http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/03/10-5.  See a response article by John Feffer, from Foreign Policy in Focus at http://www.fpif.org/fpifzines/wb/5964.

1000 Peacewomen across the Globe
Association 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005
Features the creativity, vision, perseverance, and hard work of 1,000 women from 150 nations who were nominated as a group for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.  This project was based on a holistic conception of peace as the alleviation of poverty, maintenance of a healthy environment, struggles against structural violence and discrimination, the establishment of a just economic and social order, universal access to resources, peace negotiations and conflict mediation, documentation of war crimes and violations of human rights.  See www.peacewomen.org

Stop the Next War Now
Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans (Ed.). 2005.
Short writings by organizers and activists complied by two of the founders of CodePink, this collection emphasizes speaking out, creating a culture of peace, unspinning the media, holding leaders accountable, and disarming the world.

From Where We Stand: War, women’s activism and feminist analysis
Cockburn, Cynthia. 2007.
This book explores women’s peace activism in diverse settings including Serbia and Israel/Palestine, and analyzes the theoretical and activist work of three transnational networks including Women in Black and the East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women’s Network

Redefining Security: Okinawa Women’s Resistance to U.S. Militarism.
Fukumura, Yoko and Martha Matsuoka. 2002.
In Women’s Activism and Globalization: Linking Local Struggles and Transnational Politics.Nancy Naples & Manisha Desai (Eds.) pp. 239-263.
An excellent account of the formation and activities of Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence, founded in 1995 following the rape of a 12-year-old Okinawan girl by 3 US military men.

Making Connections: Building an East Asia-US Women's Network Against U.S. Militarism
Kirk, Gwyn and Margo Okazawa-Rey. 1998.
In Women and War Reader (eds.) Jennifer Turpin and Lois A. Lorentsen, 308-322.
An account of transnational women’s organizing by two of the founders of this Network. Download pdf.

Demilitarizing Security: Women Oppose U.S. Militarism in East Asia.
In Frontline Feminisms: Women, War and Resistance (eds.) Marguerite Waller and Judith Rycenga, 159-171. New York:
An account of transnational women’s organizing against militarism by two of the founders of the East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women’s Network.

Women in the New Asia.
Matsui, Yayori. 1999.
One of Japan’s leading progressive journalists, Yayori Matsui documents how Asian women have faced rapid economic development. She explores the impact of globalization, sexual violence, and development projects, as well as women’s activism.

Globalization, Militarism, and Women's Collective Action.
Moghadam, Valentine M. (Summer 2001).
NWSA Journal, 13(2), pp. 60-67.

Women and Peace: Feminist Visions of Global Security
Reardon, Betty A. 1993.

Essays that offer visions of genuine security challenging the concept and practice of national/military security by Betty Reardon, a retired professor of education and co-founder of International Peace Research Association, who has promoted peace education for decades.

Gender and Global Security: A Feminist Challenge to the United Nations and Peace Research
Reardon, Betty A. 1998. Journal of International Co-operation Studies, 6 (1): 29-56.
Argues for the importance of gender in UN analyzes, definitions and policies for global security.

Gendering World Politics: Issues and approaches in the post-Cold War era.
Tickner, J. Ann. 2001.
Accessibly written by a political scientist, this book provides an excellent overview of gender, militarism, security, and the state.

Bridges Are Made With Many Footsteps: Re-imagining Filipino Identity as Resistance to a Militarized Present

Cachola, Ellen-Rae. 2008.

Suggests strategies for Filipino diasporic resistance in the context of militarism in the Asia-Pacific region.


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